Capturing Unique Shots

Photography is mostly grounded in interest, but it is much fun when done to perfection and with concrete goals. How to make sure you have a steady hand for your photo ranging from simple capturing images to an expert in camera handling.Have you ever asked yourself why a picture is worth a thousand words?. Have you ever tried a hand on camera the problems with the digital camera is blurry shots as a result of how you handle your camera? The great achievement is on beginner level to expert and continues learning new camera tricks, the shot can vary avoiding usual horizontal camera capture there is the simple variation that can improve your shots use of a tall tripod stand climbing high above the ground, lying down will result to unique shots and creativity.

Low angle-camera pointing upwards from below,
High angle camera point downwards from above
Birdseye photo directly above
Wormseye image from below

What makes you an expert in photo shooting?
Camera setting with latest camera technology like the ISO settings for noise reduction with variation to light condition. Capture button practice is the crucial technique to clear shots Leaning on something big and strong like a building wall, a post, and natural tree will give you an upper hand to a still image without shaking, straining will always make you lose great shots. Standing posture that makes you calm and comfortable the way you position your feet, upper body like shoulders and elbow, keeping your elbows close to your body, stand legs wide open in line with your shoulders width. A firm grip on your camera one hand should be placed below your camera lens, and the other on the camera, your face and camera distance avoidance, use viewfinder instead of back LCD, while breathing rhythm affects the way you take shots, deep breath exhale then capture the image. Sit squat or lay down this posture give out a great view and exclusive images, elbow resting on your knee in seating posture, lying flat on your tummy and supporting your elbows on the ground for great stability. Camera strap usage-while holding your camera wrapping camera strap around your wrist strengthen your hands. Also around your neck for high-level shots this secures your camera from sliding falling and shuttering. Use of tripod stand might seem unpleasant to expert in photography , but there are shots that require the use of a stand mostly for still shots, also for beginner this is the first start to enable you to familiarize with the camera settings, and the body posture, with gradual achievements and interest experience improve and perfections come in hand. Field and special occasion shots require firmness and experience, be a camera darling from freelancer photographer to high edge professional. This can earn you a living and make you leave a mark in the photography. Practice makes it perfect, as a beginner, there is trial and error, failure to capture a smart shot should not deter you from.Become an expert in photography with gradual aggressive and steady attitude results are in optimal achievement.



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